Cheyron for NgOoo

[wpcol_1third id=”” class=”” style=””]As a NgO you focus on your key mission and search for ressources to realise it.

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Sponsorship with commercial partners is a specific source of income, potentially growing fast since more companies pay attention to their Corporate Social Responsibility. This trend makes it possible to develop a collaboration based on common values and social concerns. Working together in partnership has benefits for both companies and your NgO : a close and in-depth collaboration will increase both the corporate value of the business partner and for sureā€¦ your NgO impact.

Developing partnerships implies a strategic sponsor-orientated approach!
How to approach companies? How to select the appropriate company matching your mission and values? How to integrate your NgO ideas in the business partner working processes ? How to develop close and more in-depth collaboration with your actual sponsors?

Cheyron assists NgOs in order to develop long term strategic partnerships with sponsors.

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