How can companies and NgOs strenghten each other?

[wpcol_1third id=”” class=”” style=””]No organisation exists in a vacuum.

In order to plan well for the future, you need to understand what is going on inside your organisation as well as the external influences which may impact on the organisation’s ability to meet its stated aims and objectives.

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B2E/Business-to-Environment, or how to improve your corporate value in
working in one (or several) of the 6 CSR/Corporate Social Responsibity areas :
human rights, labour issues, consumer issues, environment, fair operating practices, community involvement.

As an organisation, you can increase your corporate value with your products,
services and CSR-commitment.

When organising activities in close partnership according to the B2E/Business-to-Environment principles, you can develop common values and goals and increase each others’ corporate value.

How does B2E works ?

Because your Organisation Environment is in control, companies and NgOs
have 3 ways to increase corporate value.