Cheyron for Individuals’ Rights

[wpcol_1third id=”” class=”” style=””]Personal Data Protection & Privacy are CSR-topics concerning all organisations handling personal data (both companies and NgOs).

Personal Data Protection & Privacy involves 3 CSR-areas out of 6 : human rights, labour and consumer issues.

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Respect for Personal Data Protection & Privacy – taking into consideration the individuals’ rights – as a part of your organisation’s policy contributes to your
Corporate Reputation.

Are you up to this?

Individuals are more and more worried about their privacy, especially now that
we are living in the i-Data era in which new technologies lead to new data applications
at a dazzling speed.

Can you handle the i-challenge, which impacts the privacy of your clients, the needy,
your consumers, your employees ….
Are you ready for the 3 P-challenge, which involves Privacy, Property and Protection?

How compliant are you? How will you address the new EC plans to introduce a more vigorous regulation on Personal Data Protection?

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