About Cheyronooo

[wpcol_1third id=”” class=”” style=””]Cheyron is specialized in Corporate Social Responsibility and related matters. On the one hand, a wide variety of stakeholders attach high importance to companies’ social behaviour and their Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

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At the other hand, today quite a lot of non profit organisations, such as NgOs,
operate as a business, while making their social role their core business.

Cheyron works for both companies & NgOs. We help companies to have a better
grip on their Corporate Social Responsibility. We help NgOs realising their mission
while working together with appropriate companies.

Cheyron brings companies and NgOs together in creating partnerships based on common values and common goals.

Cheyron works according

a unique approach:
B2E = Business-to-Environment

B2E implies that all elements related to Corporate Social Responsibility are taken
into account in the company’s CSR-strategy.

The result : ooo

Your Business Environment is in control.